Math Resources

Summary of Math Meeting held on October 27, 2016. Challenges and opportunities were discussed within Grove Patterson, the district, and the State regarding Math. Challenges include changes to common core, unclear assessments from Ohio Department of Education, three different tests in three years, changes to the Ohio report card, staff changes including the elimination of a math specialist, and new kids in 5th-7th grade.   Staff opportunities include looking at assessments and data closely and doing individual student interventions, group tutoring, success club before school, teacher newsletter sent home with examples of a new math concept, and incorporating math in other subjects like Spanish, Physical Education, and Science Classes. Parent support was also identified as a challenge and opportunity.  Parents voiced concerns and fears on how to teach math to their students as it is different than the way they were taught.  Parents asked for a parent night where they can understand how to help their students more with Math concepts.  Denise Brown from TPS math support offered to hold a parent night and highlighted Khan Academy to boost students learning and PTA Parent’s Guide to Student Success and North Carolina Department of Education websites to help understand the standards in Ohio.  Mrs. Maas, fifth grade teacher emphasized the importance of students memorizing math facts as they tend to forget and XtraMath and are good resources. These sites are included in the document titled Math Resources along with a list of other sites that parents can do at home with their children. 

Websites for reference can be found HERE.