Breakfast and Lunch info

Breakfast and hot lunches are served daily. The menu varies each day and is posted on the school website monthly. Our food service department determines the daily menus for our school breakfast and lunch programs. THERE WILL BE NO COST FOR BREAKFAST AND LUNCH THIS SCHOOL YEAR.

Note that we encourage your child to try new things to eat, but no child is ever forced to have a clean tray or eat foods they do not like. During the last 5 minutes of lunch the cafeteria lights are turned out and each student is expected to (1.) Stop Eating (2.) Remain Silent (3.) Put heads on the table. The last 5 minutes of each lunch hour is used to clean up the cafeteria and to return students to an instructional mode.

Given concerns about allergies and other restrictions on some children’s diets, STUDENTS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITTED FROM SHARING FOOD OR BEVERAGES OF ANY SORT IN THE CAFETERIA.

Birthday Treats: Parents are welcomed to bring in prepared treats to share with a child’s homeroom class as a way to celebrate a child’s birthday during lunch. If you plan to bring in treats, contact the school for permission with the principal if the treat will be handed out in lunch and with the teacher if the treat will be handed out in class. Once permission has been granted during lunch time only, parents must remain with their child and provide all napkins, plates and forks and also remain behind to assist with clean up. Note: Many of our students have allergies to peanuts, certain dyes and these treats could cause an allergic reaction.

Lunch Times

Please check with your teacher in regards to lunch times, as they are subject to change.

As of 8/25/2017, the times are:

7-8th 11:00-11:30

3-4th 11:35-12:05

5-6th 12:10-12:40

K-2nd 12:45-1:15