GPA Basketball 2018-19 pics

K & 1st grade basketball team end of year game

End of year parents vs Kindergarten &1st grade players

Some of the players with the coaches, Mr. Ekhart, Coach Victoria Turner & Coach Kurt


Show Your Money who’s Boss!

Defeated by your empty bank account? Paycheck-to-paycheck living is no longer an option. Dave Ramsey and his team of financial experts will teach you how to take control of your money.

Grove Patterson Academy will be sponsoring Financial Peace University here at the school.

Sign up for this Financial Peace University group today! 
Group Link:

Course Dates: 6:00-7:30 p.m. 

Additional information will be presented at this week’s PTO meeting.


House meeting on Wednesday! Be sure to wear your house shirt! Your house may be awarded points for the most house members wearing their shirt! Don’t be the one without your shirt on! Wear those shirts!


March 15 is House Spirit Day! This is a day where everyone in each house needs to go all out and decorate themselves with their house color showing their house spirit! Don’t hold back! Be sure it is school appropriate! We will be making things to decorate the hallways at Wednesday’s house meeting but if you have something that you can contribute, please do so. Each head of house is as follows;

Caridad – Mrs. Webley
Valor – Mrs. Maas
Amistad – Mrs. Valentine
Visionario – Mrs. Born

Mrs Houser is the one writing all of the letters home and messages on FB. If you want to donate something, be sure to e-mail the teacher of your child’s house (above).

JR. Basketball

This is for any student that resides in the Waite Learning Community and is interested in playing basketball for the Jr. Indians

7TH & 8TH


Anyone interested in basketball, the registration forms and money are due tomorrow 10/19. Forms can be found on the Activities tab titled Basketball.


Thank you

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