PTO meeting

Good afternoon,

As you know our school PTO meeting is Monday, Feb 5th at 6:15 pm, we are asking for 2 to 3 volunteers to watch the kids during the meeting. We will take the first 3 people as volunteers. You can respond via the PTO site or send a message through messenger.


Thank you

February Breakfast and Lunch menus are now available on the Menus tab

There are new Spanish videos listed on the facebook page under the Spanish tab. Please take time to check them out.



Good Morning

There has been an update to the Cub Scout page. Please make sure you look at the new information that has been added under the Activities tab and then click on Cub Scouts.

Thank you.

Skating Party

 As we are getting closer to winter weather, I wanted to review our policy on cancelling school skating parties.  If school is cancelled due to the weather, we will automatically cancel that evening’s school skating party.  If they have school, but as the day progresses the weather gets worse, we will leave it up to the school to decide if they’d like to cancel the party.  (Unless it’s a Level 3, then the party is automatically cancelled!)  Please give us a call if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Brandy Puls
Ohio Skate
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