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Here is the information regarding Safety City this summer for incoming kindergartners.

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April 15, 2018

Dear Families,

As we end the 2017-18 school year we are reaching out to you about some “distracting” and “time consuming” student behavior issues that can be quickly addressed and put aside with your support at home. These are issues that come up each year and we have seen a rise in the instances of having to deal with minor issues that turn into bigger issues over time.

Listed below are the issues and how we would like your support of our policies at home. All of these items can be found in the Handbook and on the Grove Patterson website.

1.) Dress Code ~ There is a student dress code for Grove Patterson Academy which have been copied off and given to the students to take home. With the warm weather approaching eventually, we ask that you please discuss these items with your child and help them make appropriate choices for their appearance at school.

2.) Cell Phones ~ The policy for cell phones is also listed below. We completely support that students need to have means of communication with their parents before and after school. Therefore, we have shared the district’s policy with all of our students and our support of this policy. We do expect that our students will be responsible and we will not have to deal with cell phone issues. However, we have had numerous situations where students have used their cell phones during the school day for social reasons, texting, playing games etc. There are also occasions when parents have called or texted their child during the school day. We ask that you remind your child of the policy and assure them that they can always make a call from the main office. We also ask you to follow the policy by leaving messages for your child through the main office, thereby alleviating the temptation for your child to check their messages.

**Cell phones can be in school, on your child, but turned off. Any cell phone found turned on will be taken and turned into the TPS security office. Students know that you will be called and you will have to pick up the cell phone from the security office.**

Thank you for your cooperation,

Krysta Turner                                                              Dr. Washington/Herneika Johnson


PTO President                                                             Acting Principal/Principal

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