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There has been an update to the Cub Scout page. Please make sure you look at the new information that has been added under the Activities tab and then click on Cub Scouts.

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Skating Party

 As we are getting closer to winter weather, I wanted to review our policy on cancelling school skating parties.  If school is cancelled due to the weather, we will automatically cancel that evening’s school skating party.  If they have school, but as the day progresses the weather gets worse, we will leave it up to the school to decide if they’d like to cancel the party.  (Unless it’s a Level 3, then the party is automatically cancelled!)  Please give us a call if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Brandy Puls
Ohio Skate

Kid Expo

The Kidprenuer Expo was a huge success. Miracle Williams donated a portion of her proceeds to help premature babies and Donovan Williams is donating all of his proceeds to help a cancer patient. Jordan Arnold and Jillian Barnhill actually Sold Out!!
The kids did an amazing job. Councilwoman Yvonne Harper also come by to show her support. Thanks to principal Herneika Johnson for allowing this event to be held at GPA.
Here are some photos from the Kids Expo which turned out to be a great success !!


YWOE had their meeting Tuesday where they decorated the boxes for the OSU/MICHIGAN food drive while learning their mission statement. Pictures are posted on the Facebook page on the YWOE tab located under the Activities tab.

PTO Info

The minutes from October and November along with the budget have been uploaded and  can be found on the PTO Information tab.

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